Tracie's News

My name is Traciez.. and I live in South Florida.. where the sun always shines. Welcome to my site... " "  hope you are having fun browsing through, and taking advantage of all the latest downloads and Videos.  I hope it keeps you entertained, and that you continue to stop by regularly and check out whats new. Hope you like the The Gunge Tank clips and the scenarios that we put together... some of the models like to add their own little touch to things.. I sometimes run out of ideas. So if you can think of something that you would like to see that you haven't seen done anywhere else ... please don't hesitate to email me at;

The Models I have worked with have been amazing and game for anything.. including a real good laugh !!! They love any which way they can get messy the gunge tank, rolling around in my garden, with whatever substances we use.. ie; shaving Foam, hersheys syrup, batter mix, chocolate and vanilla pudding, baby oil, and many many bright colored gunge or what some call slime.   I actually make it myself.. it is quite a process.. very safe of course..  Now the gunge tank ...  I can't begin to tell you how many people commented on the tank itself... how was it constructed, who built it for you etc..  etc ...  Well the first time I ever saw something like this was in the UK.. and I wanted one for myself.  I even had this strangiest idea to have a red British telephone box shipped over. I had a connection who was trying to arrange it for me.. well that never came off did it... now I bet you are wondering " WHAT WOULD SHE DO WITH THAT " well of course I wanted to change it into a gunge tank.. you still with me.  Naw ... went off that idea pretty quickly ... plus the cost to have that big heavy Iron thing transported to South Florida was a definite NO... NO ..  so I kept on scratching my head then the penny dropped. I know a friend who worked on the Pirates of the Carribbean .. who is highly skilled prop master that specifically designed alot of the props on set. So I aksed him to design and build the tank for me.. So now you know how the GUNGE TANK was born.  I will always enjoy shooting these scenes, as I like to see the girls faces when they first see it... but as you already have seen, I have other Messy scenes that are of shot in other various locations, featuring none local models. Have to give you all my mess that I have ... lol.  It amazes me of some of the requests I get from customers in regards to MESS.. and I think I have seen it all ... guess I really haven't.. ha ha !! Go on email me and ask me what was the most weirdest. ??

I will be back with more info very soon ... bye my special messy friends Make every day a great day